Main Sessions

Main Session 1 - Matt Larson


Main Session 1 - Josh Lewis


Main Session 2 - Bert Alcorn



Josh and Courtney Lewis - "Prayer is the Engine Room of Mission"

Terry Fouche - "The Lord's Prayer"

Dave and Jen Weir - "Praying for Your Kids"

Alex Baker and Vinnie Morrione - "Prayer and Prophecy"

Lois Gallardo and Janet Grossman - "Praying Without Ceasing"

Bob and Lori Ameche - "Praying For Your Husband, Wife, Kids"

Connie Larson - "Unanswered Prayer"

Vanessa Marsden - "Praying with Intentionality"

Brian and Amanda Farwell - "Listening Prayer"

Steve Larson - "Spiritual Warfare"

Kathy Kositchek - "How to Start Your Day in Prayer"