• A family of churches

    Anthem is a family of churches helping people find their way back to God. The Anthem family of churches is united around shared mission, vision, values, and submission to the Lordship of King Jesus. In our cities, we are working to obey Jesus in helping people find their way back to God.


While Anthem Church is an autonomous, local church, in which the elders are the highest governing authority, we do not believe it is healthy or wise for a church to be independent. We have formed some strategic gospel partnership that aid us in furthering our mission and keeping us accountable.

Genesis Collective

A community of churches, journeying together to see the gospel reach the world.

There is no glitz or glamour in this unfolding narrative. Driven rather by the humble sense of collaborative adventure, we are “partnering in the gospel” to share in this great privilege. The requirement is for men, women and children whose love for Jesus transcends their comfort and convenience, empowering them to say ‘yes' to a life of vulnerability and expansion that is underpinned by faith and ultimately sustained by grace.

Our passion is to establish communities of love and light in the broken and dark places of our world. We want more than Sunday services. In this sojourn, the dining room table is the center of our story, the homes are the cornerstones of our assignment and the public spaces are our grand opera of service, as we live for the benefit of others.


We are a member of the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA). We chose specifically to join a denomination/ association because we wanted the theological accountability and financial accountability that comes with being a part of a group. This level of accountability simply isn’t available to an independent church. Organizationally we are, in essence, an independent church. Every EFCA church is completely autonomous. We are not subject to the hierarchical control of any ecclesiastical or denominational body. Each church is self-governed and determines its own affairs. For example:

Every EFCA church chooses its own pastor

Every EFCA church owns its own buildings and assets

Every EFCA church determines its own programs and polity

We are a part of a greater movement of multiplying healthy churches throughout the world. By partnering with the EFCA we are supporting mission and church planting throughout the world on an ongoing basis. In addition to that the EFCA provides us with accountability and assistance in doctrinal and financial matters.

Touch Nepal

The ministry focuses on two men who lead ministries in Nepal, Babu and Beki. 

Beki is a pastor and leader in a church in Kathmandu. He ministers in areas of highest vulnerability. He preaches the Gospel in the prisons, leper colonies, widow homes, orphan homes and the slums of Kathmandu. In addition to all of that work, he pours into church planters around the mountain regions and continues to train up more church planters to see the Gospel advance into the surrounding communities. 

Babu is an amazing leader who oversees 14 churches in the plains region of Nepal (near the border of India). He ministers to the pastors by teaching them how to study the Scriptures, how to pastor people in difficult times and many other things. In addition to leading these 14 churches, Babu’s home is an orphanage for 60 adopted children. He and his wife Sabitri are raising these kids as their own. They given them a family, an education and a faith that is deep. Our love for church planting led us to partner with Touch Nepal, and now we continue to pour into them because we love Babu and Beki and their apprentice Bikash.

Zoe International

Zoe has spent the last 15 years building a ministry that rescues children out of sex and labor slavery, primarily in Thailand, but throughout southeast Asia. They do this with a heart for the Gospel and full partnership with the local church. 

They have built a home near Chiang Mai that houses boys and girls that have been rescued. They educate the kids, teach them how to do life and business, share the Gospel with them and prepare them for life on their own. They have a bible school available for graduates that are interested in going into ministry. 

We partner with Zoe because we wanted to pour our generosity into something that was helping people in their most vulnerable place. Human trafficking is a massive justice issue and something that we are compelled to do from our understanding of God’s heart in the Scriptures. Zoe has been a great resource for us to be in touch with the trafficking issue around the world and we absolutely love being a part of their team.