Who is the Anthem Missions Sending Team?

We are members of the body of Christ at Anthem Church who have a calling on our lives to mobilize and support individuals who are being prepared to serve the Lord in mission work.  We serve under the authority of the Elders of Anthem Church to help carry out Anthem’s mission vision. 

What do senders do?

We partner with members of our church body who want to spread the gospel outside the United States to help them discern God’s calling, prepare them to go, ensure that their needs are met while they are gone, and welcome them back into the life of the body when they return. 

Why do we do it?  

The primary purpose of people being sent out from Anthem is for the Gospel to go forth and to make disciples of the nations. When humanitarian and justice work is done and when edification of the church on the mission field is done, the purpose is for the Gospel to go forth. Whatever the missionary’s work on the field is, the purpose is to build bridges and develop relationships through which they can deliver the Gospel. 

When do we get involved?  

Because we want to own our full responsibility as senders, we want to be part of your decision-making process regarding if, where, and when to go. Therefore, we want to be contacted early enough to work through the sending steps with you. Timing is crucial! Use the following timetable for contacting us. 

  • Three - Four months before a short-term (two weeks to six months) mission
  • Six - Nine months before a medium-term (six months to two years) mission
  • Nine months - one year before a long-term (two years or more) mission 

The sending process is not designed for weekend or one week trips. However, if you are participating in such we would love to know and pray for you shortly before you depart. 

Who do we send?  

We send people who regularly attend Anthem, who share our vision for missions, and who have demonstrated a commitment to the life of this body by: 

Regularly attending a Community group
Regularly attending Sunday worship services
Member of Anthem Church
Faithfully serving in an area of ministry at any Anthem campus. 



Your Responsibilities

  1. Carefully read this sending strategy and prayerfully consider whether your vision is aligned with the vision of Anthem and whether your planned departure date fits into our guidelines.
  2. Write a Heart Letter describing your ministry vision. Describe why you feel the Lord is calling you to serve on the mission field. If you have a specific organization you want to work with, include details about it such as its web site and how you see the focus of the organization fitting into Anthem’s vision.
  3. Send your heart letter to the Sending Team, along with the following information and a recent picture of yourself to: Ryan@AnthemChurch.org 
    1. Your expected date of departure or general time frame when you would like to go
    2. Where you live and what Anthem campus you attend 
    3. The Anthem Community Group you attend, with the leader’s name 
    4. The area of ministry at Anthem where you are actively participating or serving 
    5. The names of any pastor/elders, staff members, Sending Team members, or other leaders at Anthem that you know and that know you 
    6. If you are a student, please let us know if you intend to remain locally, attending Anthem throughout the preparation time leading up to your trip departure.
  4. Meet with the point person(s) assigned by the Sending Team as often as necessary to confirm this calling.

Our Responsibilities (here and elsewhere, this refers to the Sending Team)

  1. We will prayerfully confirm your call to go.
  2. We will provide a representative—your designated point person—who will: 
    1. Review with you the sending strategy and our vision for mission work. 
    2. Confirm your specific direction, the timing, and location of ministry. 


Your Responsibilities

  1. Regularly meet with your point person to establish relationship and pray over the steps of preparation. Keep your point person informed about your activities and progress.
  2. You are expected to raise your own funds. You should diligently work to raise support (both prayer and financial) by sending support letters and communicating about your trip and its purpose. 
    1. For long-term missionaries working with a Missions Agency, all support should be directed to the Missions Agency, which will be paying your salary as a missionary.  The agency will have its own guidelines for this process and what level of funding is required before leaving for the field.
    2. As soon as Sending Team confirms that you will be sent, write a support letter and have it reviewed by your point person. You should send letters to family members and friends. Anthem will confirm that funds can be received as tax-deductible donations towards your trip.
    3. One month before your departure date, you are expected to have at least 50% of your financial need met and the money submitted appropriately. Provide your point person with regular financial updates for the purpose of prayer.  You may receive some percentage of your total financial need from Anthem’s mission fund as determined by the Sending Team through prayer on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Fill out the Missionary Information Form, Mission Budget Form, and any other paperwork provided by the Sending Team and return it to your point person before your departure.
  4. Receive prayer at designated times prior to your departure. 
    1. For short-term missionaries this will be at a time and place to be determined.
    2. Mid-term and Long-term Missionaries will receive prayer at all gatherings of the Missionary’s Anthem campus on a designated Sunday before departure, and should be available after each gathering to talk with people about the mission trip.

Note: Long-term missionaries may also be introduced at a church gathering 3-6 months prior to receiving prayer.

  1. Long-term missionaries (those planning to serve more than 2 years overseas) have a few additional expectations:
    1. You will be expected to discuss the length of your initial term with your point person and come to an agreement on how often you will plan return visits to Anthem and/or receive field visits from Anthem. 
    2. Additionally, you are expected to establish a core “Home Team” of at least 5 people at least two months prior to leaving. Members of the core support team will be expected to help you in any range of your personal needs from prayer, finances, moral support, logistics, communication and re-entry. The names of this core support team will be shared with your point person. 

Our Responsibilities

  1. Your Point Person will: 
    1. Meet with you as often as needed for encouragement, prayer, and relationship.
    2. Give advice on how you might establish your Home Team. 
    3. Help you fill out the Missionary Information Form and Mission Budget Form, along with discussing any additional paperwork required. 
    4. Talk through the logistics of prayer support, finances, health insurance and immunizations, passports and visas, travel arrangements, and communication.
  2. We will set up a time for laying on of hands and prayer.  You will be asked to send a three-point email to your point person before this answering these questions: 
    1. Your full name, where you are going and who you will be serving 
    2. The dates you will be gone and the name of any organization you’re going with
    3. What you hope to accomplish on your mission trip

Note: It’s important that all missionaries are able to communicate a clear and concise description of their mission can be shared at prayer times as well as printed in church materials/newsletters as well as online. If there are security concerns, please specify how to best communicate your mission in public, in print and online.

  1. Your Community Group is a place where you can expect to find prayer support, experience community life, and develop personal relationships.


Your Responsibilities

  1. Maintain a daily personal time of worship and devotion to the Lord.
  2. Communicate regularly with your point person and provide monthly updates to the Anthem Missions Sending Team.
  3. Make personal needs known to your local missionary team leader on the field (not the Anthem Sending Team).
  4. Submit to spiritual accountability with your local missionary team leader on the field.
  5. Manage your finances well and keep an accounting of what was invested in your trip.

Note: It’s the responsibility of all missionaries to plan for their yearly taxes while on the field. For all missionaries not sent through a sending organization, you can expect to receive a 1099 from Anthem if you personally received over $600 in donations. All donations received by individuals should be treated as income and is taxable to you. 

Our Responsibilities

  1. Diligently pray for you.

  2. Provide personal care and encouragement through communication.
  3. Communicate your needs to the church body so they can also pray for you.
  4. Prayerfully respond to requests for additional financial help.
  5. Help arrange field visits and times of sharing when you are visiting (for long-term missionaries).


Your Responsibilities

  1. Set aside time for physical rest and time with the Lord.
  2. Set aside time to debrief with your point person.
  3. Submit to receiving care or Biblical counseling as might be determined by your point person.
  4. Get involved again in the life of Anthem by attending Sunday worship regularly, participating in corporate prayer times, Community Group, and other activities.
  5. Be prepared to share when asked, and effectively communicate, answers to these questions: 
    1. What did you learn from the people you served and what did they learn from the Lord? 
    2. What were you able to do and give on the mission field? 
    3. What was challenging and what was good about going on your mission trip? You can often illustrate these principles best through a special incident or event that showed God's power and care. Sharing a few key prayer concerns that others can continue to lift up is also a good way to focus your experience. 

Our Responsibilities

  1. Provide on-going prayer coverage.
  2. Help facilitate re-assimilation into our church and culture.
  3. Help with any needs for transportation or housing the first few days after your return.
  4. Your point person will: 
    1. Communicate with the church body regarding your return. 
    2. Spend time with you in prayer and debriefing. 
    3. Help you assess your mission trip and prepare effective communication to share with others. 

Looking to learn more? Reach out to info@anthemchurch.org to get started!