Sunday Prayer & Worship Gatherings Recap


On September 6, 2015, we had our first meeting in our Sunday meeting space. This has been an amazing answer to prayer, and such an encouragement in our story. 

We have so loved our times in smaller communities throughout the city over the last year, and September marked the beginning of a new season for us as a church, as we now have an opportunity to gather together to worship, celebrate, story tell, learn from the word, and enjoy each other. 

One of the most encouraging parts of this story, has been the first things we've done since meeting in our new space: we've prayed.

Prayer and Worship, for Anthem Ventura, has been a cornerstone of seeing lives changed, people brought together, and movement forward together as a community.

During our Sunday Gatherings on September 6 and 13, we brought out leaders and those who are serving in different ares together, and rallied around prayer for this city, worship of Jesus, and seeking the Lord for his will and mission as we live this life God has called us to. 

As we grow, as we welcome new friends into this story God is writing here in Ventura, we hope and dream that prayer and worship continue to be foundational for every season we are in as a church family. 

As we have more prayer meetings, like the one coming up this week, I would encourage you to be part of them, and earnestly seek the Lord for what he has for you in this great city. 

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