News+Updates September 2015


Hello friends! 

Earlier this week, you receive a lengthly email about our mission here in Ventura and how you can support this new church. You can click here to re-read that email. That email covered a lot of the big story.

But, these news+update emails we send at the end of each month (you can browse through our archives here) provide a more "on the ground" look at some highlights and things coming up. 


Our First Run-Through In Our Sunday Meeting Space!

Just this past Sunday we got to unbox a lot of our gear, and get a feel for our setup and tear down process! We are a mobile church plant, which means we rent a space to meet for our gatherings, and use a trailer to store and transport all our gear. This is definitely a few more extra layers of work and serving than many of us are used to, but we love that is provides a great opportunity for more people to serve Christ and his church! 

Our Leads Are Ready For Action! 

The last month or so has been a busy season for Sherry and I as we have put leads in place over our serve teams. We have been prayerfully and slowing working with our team to find the best fit, and we couldn't be more excited about the team serving Anthem Ventura! 

So, without further adieu, here is the Anthem Ventura leadership team: 

We are taking the next week to introduce them all on our blog, so feel free to head there for a deeper dive:


Launch Sunday!

We don't believe the church starts on this day, in fact, we've been meting in homes around Ventura for many months now as a church, but launch Sunday is a special day. It's a day where we get to invite the community of Ventura into the story that Jesus is writing with us. It's a chance for us to put on display the love and grace and hope of Jesus. This is a day we've been praying and planning for for many months and we are excited it's almost here! 

I want to invite you to join us on this day to celebrate with us! If you know people in Ventura, help us spread the word and invite them to our Sunday Gatherings! Here are the details:

Sunday October 11 @ 10AM
36 Figueroa St. Ventura, CA 93001

(more info + RSVP)

Community Groups Restart! 

On October 21, 2015 our 2015/2016 season of Community Groups will start up! Registrations will be available at all Sunday gatherings and also on our website at:

Our Community Leaders and apprentices for this season are:

  • Bert & Sherry Alcorn w/ Zack & Brooke Borough
  • Steve Scherer hosted by Peter & Emily Kappen
  • Brian Waite w/ Jeremy & Kristy Bush


This may seems strange because some of you do not even live in Ventura County, but there are a variety of ways you can support both us and Anthem in this new gospel adventure. 

1. Pray for us

We have seen Jesus work in crazy ways over the last month - in part because of your prayers! Please continue to pray for us, our new forming team and the mission Jesus has us on. Also be praying for other churches and believers in the city.

2. Donate to the mission

If you would like to contribute toward the starting of this new church, click here to give online. If you’d rather give via check, you can make the check payable to ‘Anthem Church’ and in the memo line be sure to put ‘Ventura.' Mailing address: 390 Arcturus St. Thousand Oaks, CA 91360. Please if you have any questions about donating to Anthem Ventura. 

Click Here To Give Online >

3. Help us gear up! 

As we are putting together that last of th supplies we need for our Sunday gathering launch, we have just a few items that are still left on our list! So many have been very generous to buy up most of our list or donate the items needed. And if you'd like to help us in a tangible way, click here to view our Amazon Wish List containing some of the last items in need! 

Click Here To View Our Amazon Wish List >

4. Serve

Anthem relies on the faithful commitment of our volunteers, as they serve the body in numerous ways by facilitating our gatherings and ministries. Rather than fostering a consumer mentality within the church in which we passively benefit from the efforts of a few, we are all called to serve one another out of reverence and worship of Jesus. 

If you live in the Ventura County area, and would like to help us our by serving for a time as we get on our feet as a new church, head to sign up! 

Thank you so much for praying for us, supporting us and sharing our story with others! This means more to us than you know! 

In Christ,
Bert, Sherry & Calvin