Launch Sunday Recap



That's kinda the one word that's keep popping up with our team, just, wow. We are blown away by God's goodness, by your encouragement for all who came out and have been praying for us, and that it all came together! 

There have been so many people, working so hard to make that special, and we could not be more exited about how our very first Sunday went.

But we are more excited about what's to come! 

Launch day is a big day, but we are so excited for week 2, to meet many more friends around Ventura, and discover together the mission Jesus has for us in this city. 

There are two things coming up I want you to be aware of:

1. Community Groups launch next week! 

Community Groups are the life-blood of Anthem. They're a place to be known and loved and to do life together as a family because the gospel is true. 

Learn more, and sign up for a community group

2. This Sunday we're starting our "Foundations" Series, exploring life's biggest questions.

We'll be unpacking some of the biggest questions in life like: Who is God? What is his mission? Why do I exist? What is the church? 

Keep up with our teachings here:

If you're new to our community, and if you're considering checking us out, I would encourage you to give us six weeks, to learn more about who we are, to get to know us as a family and to see what we're all about!

Finding a new church can be really hard, particularly if you only visit once or twice. Join us on Sundays and in our Community Groups for six weeks and see if Anthem Ventura is the right place for you!

Here are two ways you can get connected and stay in the loop:

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There are a few different ways to get connected and stay in the loop at Anthem Ventura, but the best way to receive our weekly news and update email containing important items about life in our community, sign up using your email address and select 'Ventura' from the option list.  

Sign up here:

Be sure to sign up before Thursday! We'll be sending our first one out then.

Sign up to serve

Serving at a new church is a great way to meet friends and get to know other people. It's also a really tangible way that you can play a part in the mission. Rather than fostering a consumer mentality within the church in which we passively benefit from the efforts of a few, we are all called to serve one another out of reverence and worship of Jesus. 

Sign up here:

We are so excited for what's ahead, and hope you'll join us on our mission of helping people find their way back to God!