Ventura Monthly Update - June


Each month, we are posting updates from every church to better keep those part of one church more closely connected with those in the other churches. As we grow as a family, these are important moments to celebrate, pray for, and support what Jesus is doing in these communities. These updates will included updates, stories, prayer requests and a little glimpse into the life of the church. We hope these updates are encouraging to you! 

Hello Anthem! 

This past month has been an exciting for us in Ventura. We are loving what God is doing, and continuously thank you for your prayers and support! The Lord is building his church, and each week we are growing in him, growing in our health as a church and discovering more and more what God has for us in Ventura. 


Memorial Beach Day

We got take advantage of the holiday weekend, cancel our Sunday Gathering in Downtown Ventura, and take everyone who's in town to the beach! It was a sweet time of connecting and enjoying each other and the beautiful beach! We love having the agility and mobility to change up our schedule from time to time! 

Matthew Teaching Series

I know this isn't unique for Ventura, but we have LOVED our time in Matthew! It's already been so rich and challenging for us as a new church, and praying that many would come to know Jesus through our studying his life and ministry.

Turbo Residency With Rob, Courtney and Journey Church

Throughout the month of June, we've had the privilege of hosting Rob and Courtney and Journey Church's launch team as they gear up to plant this new church this fall! Rob's been teaching each Sunday, and as many as their launch team as possible have been joining us on Sundays, serving alongside us, worship with us, sitting under scripture with us and getting to know our church, and this coming week, we get to pray, commission, and send them out for this new gospel work in Thousand Oaks! 

Coming Up

Ladies / Guys Summer Socials

We're taking a few nights this summer to invade a local establishment and enjoy each other! We know that people schedules are crazy over the summertime, and we wanted to see our relationship thrive and grow in the midst of that. So stay tuned to for socials coming up! 


We truly believe that if anything of significance is going to happen, it will be birthed out of prayer. Please join us in seeking the Lord for a few things. 

  • 20 Baptisms before the end of the year
  • Reproducing to 2 Sunday gatherings by January 2017
  • Reproducing from 3 to 6 Community Groups by January 2017
  • Begin praying and prepping for our next church plant
  • As we are growing, we are excited to see a diversity of people who are joining Anthem, please pray that continues! One of the things I love, is looking out on a Sunday, seeing people young and old, with and without kids, people from different economic background - basically people who wouldn't normally hang out, come together because of the gospel! We love it and want more of it! 
  • In addition, as we grow, we are reaching our capacity with kids and thinking through other possible locations that will enable to serve families better! We love our location in the city, and we believe the Lord has led us here for now, but we are also praying for where God might take us next. Please join us in that prayer! 
  • As we come into the summertime, people tend to travel and be out of town, but we also get a whole lot of visitors! This can be a crazy storm of, well, crazy! Please pray that the Lord will provide extra people to pitch in!