Thousand Oaks Monthly Church Update - February

Each month, we are posting updates from every church to better keep those part of one church more closely connected with those in the other churches. As we grow as a family, these are important moments to celebrate, pray for, and support what Jesus is doing in these communities. These updates will included updates, stories, prayer requests and a little glimpse into the life of the church. We hope these updates are encouraging to you! 

Happy February everyone!

Wow, what a wild 2016 already! God has been at work in some powerful ways!

We started off the year with a brief, three week teaching series on money. The early reports from our Community Groups is that the conversation around money and stewardship was challenging and helpful. After money, we have moved into a teaching series from the book of Nehemiah. Already, God has been stirring and moving through the words of Nehemiah. There have been incredible opportunities for us to be shaped by this incredible story. 

There are some very cool things happening at Anthem TO

As I write this, our high school students are up at Forest Home for winter camp (our middle school students went a few weeks ago). These camp weekends are great opportunities for the students to connect to each other and to connect to God. 

Also… as I write this, we have a team of worship leaders in Dubai! Let me explain that… Worship leaders Josh Lewis (Thousand Oaks), Cayse Day (Camarillo), and Jon Johnson (Ventura) flew out to Dubai to be a part of the World at Worship gathering hosted by our friend Rob Hutton and facilitated by Chris Wienand. This is an incredible opportunity for our worship leads at each church to connect to other leaders from around the world to talk about worship, prayer, prophecy and the importance of developing a culture that seeks the presence of God. Pray for them as they are traveling!

How you can be praying for Anthem TO:

  • Easter—On March 27th we will be inviting the community (through you!) to hear the powerful Gospel of Jesus Christ and all that God wants to do in their lives! Please be praying for this opportunity to preach the risen Christ.
  • South Africa Trip—Kristen and I will be flying to South Africa to be a part of a gathering of church planters and leaders. I’ll be leading a few sessions of a conference in Durban and then we’ll head down to Cape Town to preach at Church on Main. Please be praying for effectiveness, continued growth in building global relationships/partnerships and a pause in the action to reflect on Anthem and prepare for the next season!
  • Elder development—We are in the midst of an elder development process for Anthem TO. Please be praying for faithfulness and diligence in the process of equipping people who may serve in eldership at Anthem TO.

Upcoming Events:

  • Leadership Community 2/21, 3/20—Each month we gather our leaders to pray, dream and prepare for what God is doing in us as a church. If you are involved in serving in any ministry at Anthem, Leadership Community is a place for you! We meet from 6-7:30 and childcare is provided. 
  • Good Friday 3/25—Mark your calendars, we are working on putting together a Good Friday service. Details are coming soon.
  • Easter 3/27—Services will be at 8:00, 9:30 and 11:00. Take advantage of Easter! If you have friends and family that you think would join you to hear about Jesus on Easter, make the invitation! We are looking forward to the opportunity to preach Jesus!