Third Thursday Devotional: February 2015


We are coming up on our 6th Third Thursday as a church family tonight. Our elder team met last week and talked through what we are hoping to see grow in our church body this year. The conversation centered around the idea of belonging. What does it mean to truly express life as community?


This is one of the key values that we see expressed in the scriptures and something that we want to see continue to grow in Anthem. Not only are we in community groups, but because of the Gospel, our common love for Jesus, and the presence of the Holy Spirit, when we come together it is truly a community experience.


Tonight, we want to express life as community through worship and prayer. I know that sounds like kind of a lofty idea, but we want to intentionally put it to work tonight. We are going to pray together, worship together and take communion together.

Our aim for tonight is to seek God together!

So the big question is, who is this for?

If you have felt outside of community, unable to connect, prayer and worship is one of the amazing gifts that God has given us to help connect with the family. If you are discouraged or weary, prayer, worship and community have the ability to lift our tired souls.

Are there major things in your near future? Job changes? Mission opportunities? Hard conversations? Broken relationships? Take those things to the Lord in community! Bear one another’s burdens is the command of Galatians. Bring it to the body of Christ tonight! Tonight is for everyone. Families are welcome.

Join us and be refreshed in the family of God!


When: 7PM Where: Thousand Oaks Campus