Saturday Fast


This year as part of our Easter celebration we are inviting and challenging one another to begin a fast on Friday night after ourGood Friday service and fast all day Saturday. On Easter morning we will break the fast in celebration of the fact that Jesus is not dead but has victoriously risen from the dead!

Part of our desire in fasting together this year is to slow down, and enter the story that the disciples of Jesus where a part of, recognizing their deep need for the resurrected Christ. The truth of the matter is that no matter how long I’ve been a follower of Jesus I need him as much today as I did the day I put my trust in him over 25 years ago.

If we trace back the origins of the word fast we ultimately get the covering of one's mouth (Hebrew), or to abstain from eating (Greek). The idea of fasting is fairly simple: we abstain from normal necessities in order to be reminded of who and what we truly need.

Throughout Biblical history we see many people of faith fast and pray; Moses, Elijah, Daniel, Paul and Jesus abstain from eating food for the purpose of drawing near to God. Fasting was accompanied by prayer. We don’t fast for weight loss, we don’t fast to complain about not having food, and we don’t fast so that we can test our patience with one another because we are hangry.

We fast and pray to intentionally and voluntarily recognize our deep need for Jesus.

If you have dietary restrictions, are a nursing mother, or have other medical reasons why you cannot fast from food we encourage you to find something that is a regular rhythm or necessity of your Saturday to specifically abstain from, for the purpose of drawing near to the Lord and further recognizing your deep need for him.


  • Let your hunger be a reminder to go to him in prayer.
  • Ask God to remind you of how deeply you need him.
  • Read 1 Corinthians 15 and thank him for what he endured on the cross for your behalf, and that he didn’t stay in the grave.
  • Thank him for Salvation, and ask him to save those who are far from him
  • Ask him for fresh joy and excitement in the truth that Jesus died and rose again!
  • Finally, listen and ask him to speak.

Fasting for many of us isn’t something we enter into much, and I encourage you, even if it is foreign to you, join us fasting on Saturday in preparation for celebrating King Jesus risen and Victorious.

You are invited to join Anthem Church in celebrating this momentous occasion that changed everything. Get more info about Easter with Anthem here: