Pray For Love LA

By Phil Zuch

Our students at Anthem Thousand Oaks spent three weeks serving up coffee, breakfast burritos, and even taking pies in the face all to raise funds for this summer's outreach with “Love LA” in June.

This will be our third year partnering with Cornerstone South LA’s team to help invest in the children, families, and neighbors down in their neighborhoods. While we’re down there, we help to provide a Bible camp where the kids learn about Jesus, and where our students are challenged to show the Love of Christ to a community that desperately needs it.

Putting our faith into action is one of the amazing benefits of this trip. We’ve seen God move in our students, and we look forward to seeing Him continually shaping their hearts and challenging them to grow in their faith this year. Our students have fallen in love with this community and these kids, some even considering careers in teaching and counseling so they can continue to be a part of a change in this community and communities like it.

It's amazing to see God igniting something new in our students and we want to say THANK YOU so much for helping to support these students as 20 of us will be heading to Love LA this year, seeking to make an impact in the kids through the power of the Gospel.


  • Final funds to come in as we are still in need of $1000 to cover the trip
  • Hearts of patience as we interact with difficult kids in difficult situations  
  • For the families and community in South LA
  • That God would be on full display through our actions this summer

Thanks again for your support, and we look forward to sharing some amazing stories of God working at Love LA!