Leadership Community Is Back at Anthem Thousand Oaks!


Hi Anthem TO! I’m still buzzing/recovering from an incredible weekend at Anthem Summit 2015! I’ll post some reflections on that soon, but I have some news that I wanted to share with you.

One of the big responses that came out of the Summit was how awesome it was to get a sense of where we are going as a church and how, specifically, each part of the body contributes to that. I even had one guy ask me if we could do the Summit every month… Well, that has sort of been a part of our history at Anthem Church. Our monthly version of the Summit is known as Leadership Community.

For the large majority of Anthem’s existence, we have gathered the leaders (anyone who serves at Anthem Church) on a monthly basis for a time of worship, prayer, resetting the vision and equipping for the roles that we play, that gathering was called Leadership Community. About a year ago, we ended Leadership Community to make space for the 6pm service at Anthem TO. While that was an important move at the time, we didn’t realize just how necessary it was to have our monthly check-in with our leaders. It provided a space for real feedback and interaction, a time to point forward as well as to course correct anything that needed adjustments. We haven’t had that space for the last year.

It has been exciting (for me) to see how many people have asked about Leadership Community (or something like it). I think it’s an important part of how we carry out the things that we talked about at the Summit!

Leadership Community For Anthem Thousand Oaks will be restarting on Sunday, September 13th at 6pm at Arcturus.

We will meet together for a time of teaching and prayer through our vision and the big picture direction of Anthem Church, then we will have breakouts into our ministry areas to discuss the needs and opportunities in each ministry (Students, Kids, First Impressions, Worship and Community Groups).

Quick Details:

Who is it for: Leadership Community is for everyone who serves in some capacity at Anthem Church and anyone who is interested in stepping in to a serving role.

When is it: Sunday, September 13th at 6-7:30 (Sweets and coffee provided).

Childcare: Is available, but we are working on a childcare coordinator, so we will keep you posted.

Upcoming Dates: 9/13/15, 10/11/15, 11/15/15,1/17/16, 3/13/16

As we press in to what we believe God is calling us to this year, Leadership Community will be a critical part of moving forward together. Let us know if you have any questions, We're looking forward to seeing you there!