Intro To Nehemiah

A few months ago we started talking as a teaching team about what we were going to be teaching on next.

We acknowledged the fact that we hadn’t been in the Old Testament since Ruth and that it had been a while. It’s not that have to be in the Old Testament, but honestly, we were kind of missing it. As I was praying through what books in the Old Testament would make sense for us to go through the thought of Nehemiah came up.

What would it look like for us to preach through the book of Nehemiah?

I had no idea.

Over the last few months we have read through Nehemiah quite a bit as a team, we spent some time on our teaching retreats studying and preparing for teaching through it and I’ll be honest, every time I’ve gone through it I have found myself more and more excited about preaching Nehemiah for the next 12 weeks. 

As we approach this series, you are going to see that it is a series about God’s people finding their identity with him at the center while at the same time revealing that apart from the transforming work of Jesus Christ, we will inherently fall short of the glory of God.

Where we find the people of God at the beginning of Nehemiah is in a bad place. They were destitute, exiled, covenant breakers who had an established a history of unfaithfulness to God. 

What Israel has seen over the course of it’s history is that the ongoing call to repentance and total dependence on God is harder than it may seem. Even though they had an incredible history of God’s miraculous provision, they struggled to maintain a covenant relationship with God.

The promise of a Messiah still loomed and the identity as God’s chosen people was still lingering, but the life of God and his people was a far cry from the call to relationship at Mt. Sinai.

Then Nehemiah comes on to the scene, heartbroken, and determined to see the relationship between a holy God and his broken people restored. 

We put together some resources that might be helpful during our journey in Nehemiah, feel free to head there to check them out and to keep up with teaching form your church.