I thought “Missions” would be in addition to everything else we do at Anthem.


I thought “Missions” would be in addition to everything else we do at Anthem. Here’s what we learned instead…

By Greg and Lillian Lennox

If you’re like us, missions have always seemed a little outside the mainstream of church. We’d see pictures of missionaries we’ve never met on the wall, pins on a map of the world, and perhaps an occasional presentation from a returning missionary, but it never seemed core to our identity as a church.  While we were attending a Pioneers “Church Partner Forum” in Orlando last month, the Lord challenged that whole way of thinking.

At Anthem we are all about making disciples, raising up leaders in all areas of ministry, and planting new churches. Well, guess what?  That’s what missions is all about! The vision and mission of Anthem is 100% in line with missions!

Scott and Alexis (we won’t share their full names online) are preparing to bring themselves and the good news of Jesus to an “unreached people group” in a country yet to be revealed by the Lord. They have been living a “missional” lifestyle at Anthem, reaching international students at Cal State Channel Islands, participating in a prototype missional community last year in Camarillo, and engaging in the Ventura church plant this year with other Anthem family members. Their strong sense of calling to missions has challenged Anthem to “grow up” and begin defining our vision for global missions.

We are excited to join with other globally minded folks at Anthem to build our Missions Sending Team, and help expand our vision for church planting from Southern California to “the nations”.   We will have opportunities to partner with long term missionaries like Scott and Alexis through prayer, logistics and financial support. We will be able to visit missionaries to encourage them and learn more about their needs and God’s heart for those who have no opportunity to hear the Gospel.  And we will have an opportunity open doors for our high school students to participate in meaningful short term trips where they can experience cross cultural ministry in person. If you’d like to learn more about Scott and Alexis, just let us know and we will send you a link to upcoming coffee and conversation opportunities.

If you’d like to join the fun on our start-up Missions Sending Team (we really need you!), send us a note and we’ll gladly fill you in on what we are looking at accomplishing in the months ahead. We are incredibly excited about what the Lord has in store for us as we expand our vision to the 3-billion people who have no opportunity to hear about Jesus unless someone is SENT!

Greg & Lillian Lennox Greg@anthemchurch.org