Good Friday


On Friday April 3rd Anthem Church will be gathering at both of its’ locations at 7PM to remember and celebrate what Jesus has done to bring us back to God. The Friday before Easter is called “Good Friday”. The origins of Good Friday or not exactly clear, some believe the “Good” stems from an archaic form of the word “Holy”. Regardless of where the term came from, the day has been set aside specifically to look at the cross. Jesus was crucified on a Friday and raised from the dead on a Sunday morning. His work on the cross is not complete without the resurrection and the resurrection could not have taken place without the cross before it, but each one holds unique significance.

Many New Testament writers refer to Jesus’ work on the cross when they describe the theological concepts of propitiation (God’s wrath poured out on Jesus instead of on us), forgiveness of sins (Jesus received our punishment, so now God is faithful and just to forgive us our sins) and obedience (Jesus was obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross).

As a church we will gather to worship Jesus, reflect on the cross and take communion together. Good Friday will initiate (for those who are interested) a church-wide fast throughout Saturday, breaking on Sunday morning. The idea is to use a physical demonstration like fasting, to remember Jesus dead and buried for our sins, and as we break the fast on Sunday morning, we remember Christ Victorious, raised to overcome death on sin for us!

Prepare for Good Friday

There are hundreds of prophecies about Jesus, and specifically what he would do when he was here on earth, and one is in Isaiah 53. Isaiah was written over 700+ years before the crucifixion, and the Holy Spirit through Isaiah shares with us what the messiah would endure so that we might be made right with God. Leading up to Good Friday, take some time to read throughIsaiah 53 slowly and allow the word of God to speak to you and move you toward adoration and thanksgiving.


Friday, April 3rd 7-8 PM

390 Arcturus St. Thousand Oaks (Thousand Oaks Campus)

1500 Temple Ave. Camarillo (Camarillo Campus)