Christ Victorious: Easter At Anthem


This year, Easter with Anthem will be focusing our attention on the victory that Jesus has won for us. I thought I’d take a moment and write a bit about the significance of Easter in the story of God drawing us back to himself.

Easter is the culmination of a story that God has been writing for thousands of years. One of my friends has often said that God is in the business of putting his family back together. He has been orchestrating the story of humanity to ultimately be returned to him over the course of all human history. That’s a huge deal! God wants his creation returned to him even though sin has separated us from God. Good Friday and Easter are the celebration of how God accomplished that task. He sent Jesus into this world to live the life that we could never live, die the death that we deserved to die and raise victoriously, conquering death and sin and reigning on high!

This Easter with Anthem Church, we are going to be talking about the amazing power of the resurrection of Jesus. This is a message for people who know Jesus and for people who have never heard his story. This is a message for those who are thriving in life, enjoying all that God has given them and a message for the discouraged, the struggling, the lonely. It’s a message that reaches into our hearts and gives us life, hope and joy like we have never known before.

Join us this Easter to hear the amazing story of Christ Victorious!


Thousand Oaks High School Performing Arts Center (TO Campus)

9AM & 11 AM

Camarillo Boys and Girls Club (Camarillo Campus)

9AM & 11 AM

You are invited to join Anthem Church in celebrating this momentous occasion that changed everything. Get more info about Easter with Anthem here: