Celebrate Generosity: Zoe International


Zoe International is an organization that we met a few years ago through some mutual friends. They have spent the last 15 years building a ministry that rescues children out of sex and labor slavery, primarily in Thailand, but throughout southeast Asia.

They do this with a heart for the Gospel and full partnership with the local church. They have built a home near Chiang Mai that houses boys and girls that have been rescued. They educate the kids, teach them how to do life and business, share the Gospel with them and prepare them for life on their own. They have a bible school available for graduates that are interested in going into ministry.

We partner with Zoe because we wanted to pour our generosity into something that was helping people in their most vulnerable place. Human trafficking is a massive justice issue and something that we are compelled to do from our understanding of God’s heart in the Scriptures. Zoe has been a great resource for us to be in touch with the trafficking issue around the world and we absolutely love being a part of their team.

If you have more questions, you can go to gozoe.org for more of their story!