Celebrate Generosity Update


We're having a hard time believing that yesterday happened the way that it did! From the weather to three churches gathered, to the sweet family time we enjoyed (with great tacos!) to the money that was taken in, it was an amazing day. What was most amazing was the joy of getting to worship Jesus as the incredibly generous God that he is! What a sweet day!

As a point of encouragement, as of today we have taken in over $94,365!

We will continue to take in offerings all week, but I wanted to take a moment and share the update. God is a big, generous God and he has imprinted his heart on his people! I love seeing God at work in his church!

If you'd like to give, you can go to anthemchurch.org/give, give by check or online, and if you're giving online, select "celebrate generosity" in the drop down.

We'll keep you updated throughout the week!

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