Celebrate Generosity: Dark To Dawn


A new addition to our Celebrate Generosity this year is Dark to Dawn. Dark to Dawn is a Ventura County ministry that focuses on resourcing families who foster/adopt children locally.

The foster care system is one of the most glaring and obvious needs the our community has for Christians to express the love and generosity of the Gospel into. The Ventura County Foster Care system sees between 60-80 new kids enter each month. Families around the county have volunteered to welcome these at-risk kids into their homes.

Dark to Dawn exists to be a resource to Christian families that are opening their home to foster kids, in addition to that, they provide opportunities and resources for the kids that are “graduating out” of the foster care system at age 18.

We are partnering with Dark to Dawn because we believe that God has a heart for orphans and while we don’t use that terminology much, these at-risk kids most definitely fall into the category of the “least of these” that we need to be taking care of.

For more info you can go to http://fostervckids.org as well as darktodawn.org.