Camarillo Monthly Update - April

Each month, we are posting updates from every church to better keep those part of one church more closely connected with those in the other churches. As we grow as a family, these are important moments to celebrate, pray for, and support what Jesus is doing in these communities. These updates will included updates, stories, prayer requests and a little glimpse into the life of the church. We hope these updates are encouraging to you! 

March, March, March, March. Man March was an amazing month, a fast month, stressful month, and a great month. I loved it! 

There are a handful of highlights from March: 

Dark To Dawn

We’ve been praying about finding ways to engage our community with a higher level of intentionality. This month John Franklin has begun to share with us ways to engage with foster kids/youth in Ventura County and we are really excited about beginning to engage our community in this area.

In May we will be doing a drive to help gather necessary items such as sheets, toiletries, socks, gift cards, etc. If you’d like any information in how you can help out email John at


We had our second Exploration Gathering at our Thousand Oaks Campus on the 17th. Exploration is a gathering of local (LA-Ventura County), like minded pastors and friends. It is a place where we come and worship together, find mutual encouragement, and refreshment as we share in the unity of the saints together.

We had an amazing time as about 20 local pastors and leaders joined together in an intimate time of worship, prayer, and discussion revolving around the topic of Spirit Led Leadership.


Easter time is both my favorite time of year and the most stressful. There is always this interesting tension with trying to do something amazing with Easter as often times people are coming to church for the first time, people are bringing their extended families, and we are wanting to present our best. Which in reality is our aim every single week.

At Anthem Camarillo we had two services for the second time ever, which is a huge win. However, that produces an entire new layer of stress and anxiety. Is everyone going to show up at just the 9 or just the 11? Is there going to be a good balance at each? Are we going to have enough volunteers is it going to look pretty enough, is it going to still feel like Anthem Camarillo or is it going to feel like a different church for one day?

These are all the different thoughts and worries that run through our brain as we look toward Easter. If I had to tackle all these on my own I would drown. One of the biggest highlights for me this March was watching our team and extra volunteers come together and knock it out of the park.

Between our Good Friday Gathering and two Easter Gatherings there was a lot of help needed. We even had our First Impressions Lead gone on vacation, and he replaced himself with such an incredible group of people that the morning went off without skipping a beat. Huge thanks to Alex Greene, Cayse Day, Cailin Tabor, Preston Keldgord, Jake Evseff and all the other volunteers that helped put the love of Jesus on display Easter weekend.

The cherry on top, for our Easter weekend were the two baptisms that took place Easter morning. Many of you know that we are praying for 70 baptisms this year, and Easter morning we got to celebrate with Loyd Hembree and Jessica Torok as they publicly demonstrated their faith in Jesus through baptism.

Please join us in continuing to pray for God to move in Camarillo and draw people to himself, and lead them to respond in faith in baptism.