Camarillo Monthly Church Update - March

Each month, we are posting updates from every church to better keep those part of one church more closely connected with those in the other churches. As we grow as a family, these are important moments to celebrate, pray for, and support what Jesus is doing in these communities. These updates will included updates, stories, prayer requests and a little glimpse into the life of the church. We hope these updates are encouraging to you! 

Last month was jam packed and February flew by. Through it all God continued to do great things in Camarillo and we experienced three firsts this past month. 

Intro To Membership

Firstly, we had Intro to Membership, which truthfully, I was pretty nervous about. And it's wasn’t because I don’t believe in it or because I wasn’t prepared. It’s just the growing reality that Anthem is becoming a family of churches, each with their own local membership. This is exciting and at the same time, as lead pastor of Anthem Camarillo, a little bit terrifying. So as I approached Intro to Membership, I did so with a little trepidation.

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But as soon as we started, all of that was wiped away when I saw all the incredible people who were in the room with me. They were not interested in coming to some class, but were ready to open up the scriptures and look at what it means to be members together.

It was so beautiful to see this fun funky family that God has put together stand in agreement and say we desire to walk out this life together members one of another on mission for Jesus. 

Third Thursday

Secondly, Third Thursday happened in Camarillo for the very first time! It was different and we definitely missed our brothers and sisters in TO, but it was such a sweet time. We met at Dave and Cayse Day’s home and had a great time slowing down and enjoying Jesus together through prayer, worship, and meditating over Psalm 107.

With all of the craziness of February, I wasn’t exactly thrilled for Third Thursday, but I was in desperate need for it. The night was such a great reminder that we need to schedule in time where we can stop, rest, and have devoted time with Jesus. The compelling theme and prayer from Third Thursday was, “Lord, would your love truly control us.”

Our next Third Thursday is April 21st at the Boys and Girls Club in Camarillo. Put in on your calendar and come join us! 

Our Worship Leaders In Dubai

And thirdly, Cayse Day, along with Josh Lewis, and Jon Johnson, went to Dubai to participate in a World of Worship conference with other worship leaders and friends from around the world. I was so encouraged to hear from the team how God had stirred them while there, and how valuable of a time it was to be able to receive encouragement, training, and fellowship with other worship leaders all around the globe. Cayse will be sharing more about her time in Dubai at Leadership Community on the 6th. 

We continue to ask for your prayers as we ask God to bring 70 folks to be baptized this year. We will be having our first baptism of the year on Easter Sunday, and we already have a few people excited to be baptized!