Anthem Ventura Launch Team Meeting June 25


Jesus is doing something very amazing in Ventura. As most of you may now know, we are planting a new church for the city of Ventura this fall. We are currently meeting in community groups around the city and building a launch team to help us get this new church off the ground.

Our new launch team has met twice already, dreaming together, visioning together, and exploring what a new church in Ventura could look like, and this next week we are meeting again to pray, worship Jesus, and talk about what this new church, taking shape, will look like.

We are building two launch teams side by side, this is where you (yes you!) come in. Our launch team is made up of those who live in Ventura, are moving to Ventura, or will be will us for a bit longer serving the city of Ventura as apart of this new church. The second group of people a part of this launch team is those coming to help us launch, but are not necessarily moving to Ventura, and are just there to serve and help us get our feet wet.

So, if God has put the city of Ventura on your heart, or has laid a desire to come help a new church get started, I'd like to invite you to our next launch team meeting on June 25. Grab some more info, and RSVP here.


Can I come to the launch team meeting if I'm just curious or interested? 

Yes! We'd love to have you learning more and praying for us!

Do I need to be a 'pastor' or 'called to plant a church' to come or be a part of the team?

Absolutely not! It takes a whole family to start a church. We need moms and dads, kids, students, grandpas and grandmas, business folks, 9-5ers, teachers, accountants, real estate agents, farmers... we need you all!

I'm not able to make this meeting, but I'd like to know more about the next ones, what do I do? 

We'll miss you this week! But shoot me (Bert) an email and we'll chat about the future:

What happens at these meetings?

At every meeting, we worship Jesus, we sit under God's word, we pray, we discuss, we plan, we seek the Lord for his city and we unite around the mission Jesus has given us for the city.

How can I find out more? 

If you want to know more, or RSVP, click here to get to our Facebook event. If you want more info, or want to make a human connection, email