Anthem Summit 2015 - Right Around The Corner!


We are so excited for this weekend. If you've registered already, I'm sure you are excited as well! This weekend is something we've been dreaming about for close to seven months, and it's finally here: Anthem Summit 2015.


If you haven't heard already, I just wanted to take a few moments and share some of the heart and dream behind Anthem Summit and why it's so important to us that we'd clear the decks to meet on a Friday night and Saturday in a world where everyone's schedules are already so jam packed!

God is doing so many amazing things at Anthem, and we have been witness to many moments together as a family where we have truly seen Jesus grow his church - both in size and maturity!

Part of that growing process has been an increasing need to have a dedicated time and space to do two things: (1) Unite around the vision and mission God has placed before us and (2) Equip each other, as the body of Christ, for life, mission and ministry.

So out of these needs and desires, came Anthem Summit, a chance for all of Anthem, whether you are brand new or helped on the originally launch team, to come together to worship Jesus, grow together, learn together and rally around What God is doing.

Our dream is for everyone who joins us at Anthem Summit will leave with a sense of understanding of where God is taking us together as family, and you play an important role in that journey.

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The weekend will consists of two major elements: main sessions and breakouts. In our main sessions, we're making much of Jesus, and casting vision for where God is taking us this year, and in our breakouts, faithful men and women who have had a wide variety of experiences life throws at us will be equipping the body in applying the gospel to every area of life.

Friday evening at 7PM will be our opening main session together. Even if you aren't able to join us on Saturday, please join us Friday evening to celebrate and worship with us! If you are only coming Friday night, you do not need to pre-register or pay, just come and enjoy!

Saturday will be a full day, 9AM-3PM of worship, prayer, lunch together, and breakout sessions. Check in will open at 8AM on Saturday where you'll get your name tag, welcome packet, and schedule for the day - all you need to bring is your bible!


If you have registered, thank you so much for letting us know in advance so we can plan and prepare a great weekend with you!

If you have not registered yet and are planning to go, please take a few moments to do so now (the whole process only take about 2 minutes, I promise!). I can't stress enough how much it actually helps us plan and make resources ready for you. You can register by clicking here. The cost is $10 and helps cover the cost of lunch and the other logistical needs for the day. If money is an issue, please reach out to us and we can offer scholarships.

If you are unable to join us, you can still help out! Please help us spread the word to the rest of the Anthem family so no one misses out on a chance to grow, worship Jesus and enjoy Anthem Summit this weekend.

If you have any questions about the registration process, or about Anthem Summit, please do not hesitate to reach out to me, Bert Alcorn, and I will get back to you right away! You can also check out for FAQs, our facilitators, and more!