A New Website

This past week we launched our new website. Over the course of our 6 years as a church, we've reinvented our web presence a few times. Each time, with the goal of presenting a good first impression to those searching for us online, and to equip and resource people looking for different content from us. 

What's different? 

  • A fresh new design: We got to rethink the information we are putting online and how people interact with it, and from that redesign and recreate our web presence. 
  • Bold Photos: We have some really talented photographers in our church and we've been able to leverage their gifting to share our story more accurately. More importantly, these photos are not stock footage, which can be useful at times, but photos of our life together as a family of churches. 
  • Mobile Experience: With 50% (sometimes more) of our web traffic coming from mobile devices, we wanted to make sure our sites didn't just work on a mobile device, but looked great and is functional.
  • Blog: We moved our blog back onto our main site, to better integrate content from all three churches throughout our site.
  • Teaching: Our teaching resources are available to stream, download and subscribe on our church sites, for you to better get resources for your church. 

Church Sites vs. Campus Pages

This is probably one of the biggest shifts we made with our new website. In our previous iterations, we had one "central" site, containing "pages" for each campus.

Now, each church has it's own site, with plenty of links back and forth. This may take some getting used, so if you have regular patterns of looking for information, so here is a quick guide with a few of the big items people look for,  to get you started:

What's on the central site:

  • Directory of churches, including Sunday gathering information
  • A full about section, containing beliefs, mission, leaders, stories and partnerships
  • Our blog, containing news, articles and info from Anthem

What's on your church site:

  • Teaching Resources
  • Community Groups Resources
  • Serve Resources
  • Connect Resources
  • Church leadership
  • Other ministries represented at your church

You can navigate to your church's website from our homepage, anthemchurch.org or by heading directly there: anthemcamarillo.org, anthemthousandoaks.org, anthemventura.org.

We hope these tools are useful to you and if you have any questions, please reach out to us at info@anthemchurch.org.