A Missions Meeting?

Do I really need another meeting in my life?  And what’s it all about, anyway?

At Anthem we’re all about the reproducing church…raising up leaders and sending them out to plant new churches to help people find their way back to God.  In some places in this world, folks haven’t even HEARD about Jesus.  And if they have any notions about Christianity, it’s more political than anything else.  That’s where international missions takes root:  going to the uttermost parts of the world to share the good news of the gospel in life, good works, and testimony.

The Anthem Missions Sending Team got started a year ago, prompted largely by the desire of Scott and Alexis Nordquist to become Anthem Church’s first missionaries.  "What does that mean for Anthem Church?” we wondered.  The Sending Team came together in a small way—Mark Avery and Greg Lennox meeting together and with like minded local churches to better understand and define how we should care for and properly “Send” our missionaries.  With the help and encouragement of both Reality Ventura and Cornerstone Simi, we started outlining a process for prospective and future Anthem missionaries.  And we got a bigger vision for our role in Anthem Church.

What next?  

We are meeting to share our vision for missions at Anthem, and to allow folks to decide if they have a sense of calling to the task of:

  • Raising awareness at Anthem regarding Unreached People Groups around the world.
  • Providing opportunities for Anthem members to engage with global missionaries.
  • Provide guidance and support for prospective medium and long term Anthem missionaries.

Mark and I would love to share what we’ve learned, find out what others at Anthem have experienced and learn what you see as opportunities for Anthem to grow in this area of service to Jesus.

What are we hoping will come out of this meeting?

We hope to bring a group of Anthem members from all three churches together to build our vision and engage in this work together.  Many people, like me, have a burden for unreached peoples but don’t feel called to serve overseas.  By serving on the Sending Team, we have an opportunity to play a key role in the Lord’s plan for reaching those people.

Come check it out!

Any questions, just shoot me an email at greg@anthemchurch.org.

Location: Lennox’s house 500 Oakhampton St. 91361
Date: 2/8/16
Time: 7-8:30PM