I'm Going to Nepal. Here's Why...

Hello Anthem Church!

In a little over a week (September 2nd), I’m going to be joining Steve Larson out in Nepal for almost two weeks, and I wanted to let you know why I’m going so you can be praying for us and to have awareness of what the leaders of your church are up to!

For any of you who are unaware of our involvement with ministry in Nepal, we have partnered with a group called Touch Nepal, which is led by Mark Avery from our church in Thousand Oaks. Mark and a few friends developed relationships with a few pastors and leaders in Nepal over a decade ago, and have continued to watch those relationships grow and grow over the years.

This will be my first trip out to Nepal to visit the guys we support, and Steve’s third trip (I believe). Steve is actually on a plane on his way out there now!

The three guys that we primarily support out there are named Babu, Beki, and Bikash. You wouldn’t believe all the fruit that has come out of these three men’s lives! For more info on what they’re up to, visit touchnepal.org.

So, why I’m going to Nepal:

  1. To see - We believe that it’s uniquely important for the leaders of our churches to have first-hand experience with the ministries that we support. Time and time again, God has awoken our hearts for His global mission on trips like this. I hope to come back with a renewed heart for the people of Nepal, and an even greater appreciation for the work that Jesus is accomplishing through these guys.

  2. To support - To support - The work that these guys do can be exhausting. I’m excited to come and encourage them, hold their arms up, and build them up. Also, I’m glad to be a wingman for Steve as he’s out there laboring in teaching for the majority of the trip. Steve will be teaching for almost two weeks straight on Christology, homiletics, and many other topics.

  3. To teach - Speaking of teaching, they’ve asked me to do a little teaching also. Somehow, by the grace of God, I’ll be able to teach on finance in the church in their context. Please pray for this! They’d also like me to share my testimony and invest in some of the other guys on the ground in Nepal.

  4. To record - I’m going to be taking a camera out with me, and am hoping to come back with plenty of footage and stories of what God is doing in the people of Nepal. This is perfect timing as we’re gearing up for another season of Celebrate Generosity.

Please be praying for my family while I’m gone! I should have somewhat decent access to WIFI, but it’ll be almost two weeks. Tricia and the boys are excited for what I’ll be up to, but we could still use prayer!

Please also be praying for our team while we’re out in Nepal. You may have seen through Touch Nepal or on the news that the monsoon season was especially brutal for Nepal this year. Lots of landslides, lots of lost homes, roads, etc. We should be fine while we’re out there, but we’re very aware that we’re entering a very wet situation.

Jesus loves the people of Nepal, and I can’t wait to come back with stories to share with each of you!