Important Updates For Anthem Summit And Celebrate Generosity

Hello Anthem! 
We’re on the cusp of a really exciting summer together as a family of churches. If you’ve been around Anthem for any length of time, you know the fall season is a big deal for us. 
In the fall, kids are back in school, families are back from vacations, trips, and ministry opportunities, and our family of churches will set and rally around vision for the year ahead. 
This fall is no different. 
But, before we get you too excited, there are a few changes and dates we’d love for you to be aware of as you work with your calendar and gear up for the fall. 
The biggest change has to do with Celebrate Generosity and Anthem Summit
In years past, these two critical and formative gatherings for the family of churches have been near-ish each other, but this year we are bringing them together in one weekend. 
Awesome… We know. 
That weekend will be October 20-22, 2017. 

On Friday we will be gathering for worship, prayer, and vision for the year ahead. On Saturday the church will be equipping each other for the year ahead. And on Sunday, we will celebrate our church’s anniversary by giving 100% of the money received that week toward local and global, compassion and church planting initiatives. 
There are several reasons for both the date change and the combining of these two events. Foremost of those, is our desire to best utilize our “together” moments as a family of churches. While this can sound a little ambiguous, it’s actually quite important. 
As we continue to grow, it becomes both harder and more necessary for us to carve out our times where we gather all of our churches together, and having two of those together times in the span of 4 weeks just isn’t feasible, nor as effective. 
We are hoping to cultivate two together times for the family of churches per year; one being the aforementioned weekend in October, and the other being some gathering in the spring. But, more to come about that later. 
We don’t have a ton of details around this weekend settled yet, but we will get that out to you as soon as we do. 
In the meantime, please mark and/or adjust your calendars, get excited and begin to pray for what the Lord will be doing through our family of churches this fall. 
If you are interested in a participating role in this weekend, please reach out to and let us know! 
We love you Anthem Church, and looking forward to how Jesus will lead and build his church! 
The Elders of Anthem Family of Churches