Anthem Summit Breakouts!

At Anthem Summit, breakouts are probably one of the more exciting things we get to engage in together. During our breakouts, we get to hear from people from all over our church sharing their stories, experiences and what the Lord has been teaching them.

This year, Anthem Summit will feature 4 tracks for people wanting to engage with specific topics related to intentional mission in our everyday lives. Each breakout session will be grouped into a track. You are more than welcome to attend each breakout in your desired track, or bounce around! It's up to you to customize your journey at Anthem Summit this year. 


Fuel For Mission

The gospel is the fuel for mission. Throughout the scriptures we are reminded that before we are sent, we are changed. Inherent in our lives as believers is to be sent ones, called to go, commissioned to take the gospel to the whole of creation. Before we can be effective "goers," into whatever context God has us, we need to know who God is, what's he's done and how that empowers and equips us to be missionaries in our everyday lives. 


  • Spiritual Disciplines - Daniel Jansson
  • Worship As Mission - Josh Lewis
  • How To Read The Bible - Steve Scherer
  • The Gospel As Fuel For Mission - Daniel Jansson

Relationships On Mission

Single, dating, married, kids... there is a unique season for everyone in the context in relationships, and as believers Jesus calls us to look at the place in life where in right now and discern how to best live the gospel in our relationships. Over 90% of the sermon on the mount, Jesus' most famous teaching, is centered around relationships. This year we are honoring in on some of the most impactful: marriage and kids. This is both useful for those with these relationships and those preparing for the future. 


  • Marriage On Mission - Tom & Lois Gallardo
  • Discipling Your Kids - Steve & Connie Larson

Life And Work On Mission

Wherever we are, God has us right where he wants us. Whether in the corporate world, behind the Starbucks counter, the stay at home mom, or the student, you are right where God wants you and he's got opportunities to be salt and light right there. 

As we are sent into whatever context is our lives, we will learn about how to be equipped to be everyday missionaries. 


  • Adding In Vs. Adding On - Kevin & Keely Bailey
  • Marketplace Mission - Evan Regenstreif
  • Panel: How To Party Well
  • Panel: Marketplace Mission
  • Panel: Family Sports On Mission

Local and Global Mission

There are gospel opportunities everywhere - from Camarillo to Cambodia - learn to see how God sees the world in reaching the least of these in our communities and around the world. Jesus' command was to the take the gospel everywhere and that includes our own backyard and oversees.


  • Saying Yes To God - Scott & Alexis Nordquist
  • Poured Out: When Ministry Isn’t Easy - Mark Avery
  • Poverty 101 - Carly O’ Connor